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i have never been more hopeful about america. and i ask you to sustain that hope. >> just hours ago in chicago president barack obama stepped on stage to deliver a victory speech to thousands of his most faithful supporters. >> i so wish i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction but the nation chose another leader. ann and i join with you to pray for him and for this great nation. >> and it was just before 1:00 a.m. when mitt romney conceded the race after he made a call to the president. a breakdown of how the race played out across the nation and in northern virginia. >> voters approve same sex marriage in the national harbor. the sight of a new casino. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news.
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>> those were celebrations outside the white house early this morning. rushed to the white house just as they did in 2008. waved flags and honked horns. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. before we get to the news, we have a quick note to pass along to high school students. coolage is closed today. there is no heat in the building. >> all the election coverage in just a moment. let's get a check on our changing forecast from tucker barnes. >> good morning, everybody. and off to a cold start off the region. temperatures overnight falling back to about 40. later this afternoon these will be your high temperatures. get ready for early winter chill. 40 regan national dulles 37.
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and bwi marshal 39. setting stage forix around here later this afternoon. coastal storm taking shape to our east. and into the new jersey coastline, we're going to be on the western edge of it. we're going to be close enough later this afternoon under this cold air mass. light rain transition over to a wintery mix around here. at least the potential for a wintery mix around here. don't think we'll see much in the way of accumulation. but as you get further north and east, better chances you'll be closer to the center of the storm. perhaps on the grassy surfaces up towards the boarder there. there might even be an inch to two inches of snow. traveling north and east, be ready for that. here is a look for our advisories. not here and washington but just north and
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east. a winter weather advisory where they are expecting accumulations of about an inch of snow. there's your planner, high temperatures, you are looking at them. 40 degrees. the winds are going to pick up in the wake of the system and a little snow and rain around here by 5:00 p.m. more details on the storm coming up. let's do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> right now no problems reported off of 66. traffic volume heavy and slow towards 28. and traffic volume slowing here at fair oaks eastbound at 123. all of the lanes are open. had a little hiccup reports on the beltway. traffic remains heavy and slow. lanes are open both south on 95 to 290. accident active still in play. still tying up the two right lines. that's a check of your
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fox 5 on time traffic. >> america has decided. and president bar back obama wins a second term in office as our nation's president. and the popular vote the president leads romney by 2.3 million votes. >> take a look at the electoral map. president obama with 303 electoral votes. mitt romney got 206. florida is still too close to call but the result there won't make a difference. melanie is live now with the latest on all of this. it was a late night. >> reporter: it was a late night. yesterday, it certainly didn't seem like it was a sure thing. so how was he able to put it together? he was able to emerge victorious by holding on to his key constituencies. and exit polls show most agree the economy is not in good shape. voters apparently didn't blame the president for that.
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it was after 1:00 in the morning when president obama strolled on to the stage to signed, sealed, delivered. he told the country has made gains and held hope for a brighter future. >> it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like, or where you love. it doesn't matter whether you are black or white or hispanic or asian or native american or young or old or rich or poor, abled, disabled, gay or straight. you can make it here in america. >> the president also thanked vice president joe biden who he called america's happy warrior for all the hard work on the campaign trail. >> different scene in boston. mitt romney was ever gracious in his concession speech. >> i wish all of them well but particularly the president, the first lady and their daughters. this is a time of great
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challenges for america and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> romney said he had no regrets and asked all-americans to help get the country on top. he made no mention of his future plans. the president said he looks forward to sitting down with romney. paul ryan returns for chairman of the house budget committee. >> thank you very much. now, the battleground state of virginia was one of the most closely watched last night. >> democrats were hoping for a repeat of 2008 when the commonwealth went. more on the virginia results. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. virginia certainly lived up to its status as a battleground state. this race was too close
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to call well into the night before president obama could finally claim victory. he won re-election defeating mitt romney taking virginia's 13 electoral votes. polls closed with long lines, delayed results. it was among the last to be called. polls closed at 7:00, officials chose to wait an additional hour before releasing the results coming in to avoid influencing those still waiting to vote. it was neck and neck up until the end. northern virginia which makes up a third of the state's votes played a key roll in obama's victory. in fairfax here's the breakdown. 59% to romney's 39. it was much closer in louden with the president winning only by a 5 point margin.
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the president took 57% of the votes. the only northern virginia county to go romney's way. the two candidates did split the vote among men in virginia. but obama won narrowly among women and did best among young voters and minorities. no democrat had won in virginia. that all changed when obama took that i should say hasn't won in 44 years. that all changed four years ago when oma was ableto win virginia and now it is considered a purple state. and expect virginia to consider to play a roll in these presidential elections as a standard bearer of what's to come. that's the latest here. back to you. >> thank you veryh . >> in maryland's senate race,
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ben carden defeated his challengers to claim a second term. the only upset of the night from congressional delegation game in district 6. bartlett lost to john delaney. orchestrated his defeat by redrawing district 6 to include huge populations that traditionally vote democratic. voters in maryland also waithed in on -- weighed in on key ballots. >> question 4 known as the dream act was also approved. it allowed illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition. holly morris is live with the result of question 7 which is the expansion of gambling. >> reporter: good morning. no one expected such a vicious campaign but common sense prevailed and maryland will
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benefit. that is a direct quote from mgm in a statement they released this morning in response to the passing of question 7. it was close but here's how the percentages shook out. 52% voted for the expansion. 48% said no. most of the votes came from the central part of the state. national harbor they celebrated the victory itself upon hearing of question 7's passing, fire works were set off. question 7 will allow for the building of a new vegas style casino most likely here at national harbor. also allows for the expanding at gaming tables. and while supporters say this is a big victory, it is huge for prince georges county. >> the money is going toward education. it's going to help fix 210.
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it's going for healthcare. and jobs and jobs and jobs. so thank you for this great victory for a life and somebody who appreciates good common sense which once again has been displayed by our citizens who say what kind of sense does it make for me to send my money somewhere else? >> in that statement released by mgm this morning, they also said they will have their top designers and report experts started to on a proposal for a report to be built here at national harbor. >> thanks so much. >> all right. still a lot more coverage to come. up next, the battle of two former governors in a close race. elected democrats tim kaine to the u.s. senate. live in richmond after the break. >> but first, let's focus on a
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district. the big race and special election. voters elected phil mendleson. he will join us live a little later this hour. >> the one upset appears to have come in the dc council. vincent orange will keep his seat. but michael brown has lost his. brown was beaten by grosso. it's 7:12. we'll be back.
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this is how hundreds in new york's famous times square celebrated the win. the crowd erupted into cheers. dancing in the streets. >> and overseas this was the scene in a canyon village where president obama's late father
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grew up. danced and shattered in celebration when they heard the news. step grandmother sara obama and relatives still live there. >> all right. a big night. a little tired right now. >> are you? >> you know, on these big events it's hard to kind of go to bed. >> i forced myself to bed early. >> and knew we would replay everything that happened last night. >> it's more interesting when you get to watch it unfold. >> it's like taping a football game. >> you want to watch it live. >> tricky forecast here and there's a couple reasons why. more importantly it's going to be cold today. very cold. we have plenty of clouds in the forecast and rain transitioning to winter weather later this afternoon. live look at your radar. rain showers into southern maryland. i'm not sure
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all of this is touching the ground. prince georges county down into southern maryland out towards anapolis. and i also want you to notice the rain showers stopping along the 95 corridor. that's going to be the theme. the western edge of the precipitation will end there. coastal storm developing and most of the energy or much of the energy will stay to our north and east today. if you are traveling north and east up towards philadelphia, gusty winds and heavy rains along the coast. another round of storm surge up there. not going to be as strong as sandy but they don't need it up here. for us we're on the western edge of this system. some of the spiral bands that dip down back into the washington area will mix with or change to believe it or not winter weather. say it allison.
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>> no. >> we are 40 degrees. 23 degrees. as the storm taps into that cold arctic air, it's going to chill the atmosphere around here and allow that to transition over to snow. could there be a light coating? yes. i don't think we'll see large accumulations around here but could be enough to coat the ground in some places. roadways temperatures are in the 40s. it will be kind of wet later this afternoon for the roadways. there's your 7 day forecast. things get better. warming up for the end of the weekend. 60s by next monday and tuesday. >> can't even say that word yet. >> it's too early. veteran's day storm in 87. that's what everybody remembers . won't be that big. >> let's go to julie wright. if you haven't scared
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her away. >> are you there, julie? >> lalalala. i don't listen. all right. dry pavement right now to accompany our commute. if you are traveling eastbound around 66, volume increasing leaving 286 the fairfax county parkway. eastbound headed in towards vienna. lanes here open. no issues reported. low speed leaving springfield . northbound i 95. delays continuing now. southbound along 270. check out the drive out of german town. slow crawling now from springfield -- i stayed up too late. headed out towards the split. all of the lanes are open. and southbound kennel worth avenue starting to slow. no trouble spots headed out towards pennsylvania avenue. delays are slowing to the inbound 11th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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>> all right. thank you very much. it was a late night in richmond virginia as tim kaine won the open senate seat. >> being vacated by jim webb. he beat george allen aking 52% to 48%. let's get the latest from john in richmond. i know it's been a long several hours for you. good morning. >> reporter: short several hours is the bad part. good morning to you in washington. the democrats were celebrating last night. we'll show you tim kaine as he came out on the stage which was after 11:00 last night because for much of the evening the returns mostly came in from down state virginia and they appeared to be favoring the republican as well as mitt romney. in fact, the democrats wonthe top two contests in virginia last night.
7:21 am
tim taking the senate seat and president obama winning in virginia. when kaine spoke, he stressed he is going to start working on solving problems of the economy. >> working together, we will make fiscally responsible choices to reduce our deficit while keeping the economy strong and not shredding our safety net. we'll do it in a way where we make the key investments we need to make to grow the economy in a fair fair. >> tim kaine thanks allen for more than 20 years of service to the people of virginia. with his election, the democrats that helped them maintain the majority of the senate. but in most of the congressional races it was republicans who won and that was the case nationally. so we will have a republican
7:22 am
house of representatives and a majority democrat senate. we still have divided government in washington. >> let's hope it doesn't mean the same thing it has meant for the last few years. thank you very much. >> from legalizing marijuana to a first on capitol hill. a look at some of the top local and national headlines. >> look what's happening down at the museum. always love a morning where there's big news. the election headlines are going up front pages from around the world telling the story of election 2012. always very interesting to see. it's 7:22. we'll be right back . 
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7:25 back now with the results of a heated ballot
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issue. question b. voters upheld a law ending the police union's right to bargain. this will give the montgomery county police chief more flexibility in things like overtime and shift changes. >> some top national rates is making headlines. elected the first openly gay u.s. senator. tammy baldwin defeated tommy thompson. >> in massachusetts, democrat elizabeth warren defeats scott brown. the win makes warren the first woman elected to the u.s. senate from that state and returns the seat to democrats which was held by the late edward kennedy. and colorado and washington state legalize marijuana for personal use by adults. both states won that measure in a close race. the same measure was shot down in oregon. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, reaction and a
7:27 am
breakdown of last night's presidential results. they'll join us live after the break. >> and as we take you to the break, a live look outside. all is quiet right now but you know what that looks like. that's all i'm going to say. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie. coming up next. ♪
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america's never been about what did be done for us. it's about what can be done by us together through the hard and frustrating and necessary work of self government. that's the principle we were founded on. >> that is president obama in chicago last night giving his victory speech. this election was the most tweeted about event in u.s. political history with 20 million poll related tweets. even the president joined in. his tweet quote, this happened because of you. thank you. want to talk more about the presidential race and more coming up in just a couple moments. >> it really wouldn't be that hard being in the big east tweeting. >> it wasn't always here?
7:31 am
tucker, that live shot. >> ominous. it's going to be cold and cloudy. a bit of a breeze. winds are going to pick up later today. it's going to feel like january around here all day today. things get more interesting. mix in to give us this wintery mix around here. could see our first flakes of the season flying here downtown washington and during the afternoon hours. 40 right now in washington. 42 in annapolis. we're setting the stage for a winter event. 37 in manassas. plenty chill start to your day. check it out. winds are out of the north. windchill, feels like 33 right now in washington. 31 at dulles. it is going to be a cold day. bring along a winter coat today. kids headed
7:32 am
to the bus stop, make sure they are ready for a wintery day. our high temperatures will only be in the low 40s. mix in the winds and going to feel like upper 20s and low 30s throughout your day. here's our coastal system just taking shape. it's going to intensify. really want to emphasize, the worst is our north and east. up towards new york city. and we're sort of on the back edge of it. it's not going to be a perfect marker. think about the 95 corridor sort of the western edge is going to get later today. out towards -- i don't think you'll see much more of clouds. you'll see rain showers and later this afternoon it will likely mix with or change to snow. could we get accumulation? possible some of the grassy surfaces could get coated later this afternoon and tonight. accumulations are north and east
7:33 am
up towards philadelphia. could get a couple inches later this afternoon and tonight. for us, 42. cold and cloudy. rain and snow likely this afternoon. light accumulations. best chance will be north and northeast of the city. there's your accu weather 7 day. 50 tomorrow, breezy and cold behind the front. warmup with sunshine through the end of the weekend. back in the mid 60s. okay. that's a look at weather. let's do traffic and get the latest from julie. >> good morning to you. on the roads your lanes are open with no issues reported around the capital beltway. heavy and slow inbound towards pennsylvania avenue. also got delays southbound along 270. heavy and slow. that's the trip out towards the capital beltway. all of the lanes are open. we had 17th south of constitution, we have road work taking place.
7:34 am
now, in southeast washington coming southbound, 15 miles an hour there. continuing northbound working your way in. headed across the wilson bridge, a 10 minute ride on the south side. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. during president obama's victory speech he said he wants to meet with mitt romney to discuss how to work together. after the campaign, is it possible the two can actually do that? joining us now with more reaction, peter fenn and jim. congratulations for your party. sorry jim about what happened last night. >> it's fine. >> let's talk about it. let's analyze it and get to whether or not they'll meet and what purpose it will service. >> peter i'm going to start with you. why do you think the president won?
7:35 am
it was looking like it was very close in terms of the popular vote not in terms of the electoral college. >> first of all, it's always great in campaigns because everybody has to have the one silver bullet for why they think. it's not a one silver bullet. he had a superb. he's a very well liked president. folks are concerned about the economy and nervous about it. but he stayed around 50% with job approval. that was very important. into the 30s, it was sianara. they ran a good strategic campaign. they did not let mitt romney get away with i'm the mr. fix it. i'm going to come in here and take care of the economy. they went
7:36 am
after him. in this campaign all of the ads were negative between 80 and 90% of the ads that were run by both sides. that was always going to be a contentious tough. >> what raises a question about negative ads. jim, your reaction to what peter said and why romney lost? >> i at this at the end of the day when you look at this campaign, we have divided government again. i think peter's right to some extent. voters like barack obama. and they bought four more years he'll be able to turn this around. the romney kept talking about numbers. obama kept talking about values. it was really close. you look at the battleground states and a percent or two flips and romney wins this thing. so it was a very close election. so it's
7:37 am
going to be hard. >> you mention a divided government but that also speaks to a divided populous as well. >> that's exactly right. really, there's a theory that everybody wants a split house. we have a split house. the only people that made out in this thing are the tv stations that made all the money in the political ads. other than that, nothing's changed. >> the other thing that's very important about this, tony is that each succeeding year we have a different demographic. even in 2008 when there was a strong turn out among african americans and hispanics, it was 74% electorate. this year was 72. the demographics are changing. the republican party has got to go to the middle. they have to embrace immigration reform and hispanics. they cannot continue to lose 2 to 1. and young people now they voted
7:38 am
in exactly the same percentage or maybe a little more in 2008. >> your response to that? >> i don't know the party has to. mitt romney at the beginning of the year, if you wanted to paint a picture of the guy who was in the middle was mitt romney. he got things done in massachusetts. a very liberal state. >> he was the most moderate guy. >> that's right. i don't necessarily -- >> we can't keep going right though. >> here's the problem. it's about language. 's about values. i don't necessarily think you have to go to the middle. this is still a center right country but we have to appear to be more reasonable. >> good point. do you have to appear to be more reasonable. or does the republican party have to change its thinking on some things and not just language. what peter points out is the demographics. the population growing faster than
7:39 am
any other group was important to this race. and will continue to be important. the white particularly the white male demographic decreasing in numbers. so does the republican party have to react to that? >> i think they do. we have to let people in the tent. we can't just exclude people. politics is a game of addition, not subtraction. we have to be more -- we have to reach out to those. peter and i were talking beforehand. rick perry got pummeled in the primary. kids who were born here from illegal immigrants. they could throw them out or educate them. i think it's a smart move. >> i totally agree with this in terms of the perry model. you cannot be so extreme on a lot of these issues. like abortion. look, they lost three senate
7:40 am
seats in the last two cycles last six because they put extreme people. you can't do that. the train has left the station on gay and lesbian rights. you cannot continue to be against that. >> that's the problem you have. we argue the campaign on those issues. what's the worst issue for a woman? not having a job. not being able to provide for family. and the republicans didn't articulate that. we let the democrats talk about issues that nobody cares about. really. the fringe on your side does. >> why did we win 2 to 1 because of social issues. your spoint right. look. my point is if you guys would be more modern, you would have had advantage. >> they didn't take advantage. >> we're out of time here. if we get the chance at some point today, i want to talk about this
7:41 am
divided government and where do we go from here. gentleman, thank you both for coming in. we do appreciate it. and we'll talk more in a little bit. after the break, dc council chairman phil mendelson is going to join us. we'll be back with that and more. it's 7:41.
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in the district council veteran phil mendelson will serve out brown's term. >> winning 72% of the vote. let's head down to the news room where sara is standing by with the chairman. >> thank you. that's right. phil with us this morning. congratulations on your win. just off the top, give me your reaction to your win and how you hope to move forward with the council. >> well, this puts the final point on what happened back in the summer when brown resigned and i was appointed as chairman
7:45 am
until the election yesterday. i've been elected to complete the term. so i will be up for election in 2014. it does put some certainty to our moving forward. i think that's a good thing. and i think with the election we will see the council has a new and different tone. >> and that's the thing you alluded to. we've had scandalous issues that have occurred. how do you go about restoring the trust in the council for the public. how do you do this now? >> it's a very important question. because in order for government to function well, there has to be trust from the voters and clearly the council squandered the trust that we needed and we had. it's a slow process to rebuild. there's never a sengle bill that can be passed. it really happens overtime. i think that with new
7:46 am
people and a new tone at the council, it will take a couple years but we will rebuild that trust. >> we know on the ballot dc residents would be familiar with amendment 5, 6 and 7. all those doing the same thing. do you think this now kind of gives the council the teeth that it didn't have before to nip things in the bud before it gets worse? >> i supported the charter but unlikely they'll ever actually come into play because they speak to if a person is convicted while they are in office and what we've seen is people don't get to being evicted. resign as part of a plea deal. it is part of the incremental steps necessary to rebuild the council. >> the committing gross misconduct in office, that's a
7:47 am
little bit more. how would you define that? would that have prevented some of the people from staying on the council? >> i don't know. but the whole act congress adopted gave the council no teeth to discipline members. and now we have some. >> dc council fair phil mendelson. thanks for coming in. we hope you get some sleep. >> thanks. >> back up to you. >> thank you both. appreciate it. >> turning our attention now to the weather. >> first lakes of the season here. could be enough to coat the ground. further north and east you get accumulation in baltimore. there's aa live shot. you can see the clouds. it's cold out. i guarantee the cold today. for part of the area, i can guarantee snow showers. there's our developing storm. the brunt of it will stay to north and east.
7:48 am
on the back western edge of it. imagine that 95 corridor the lane between clouds and a potentially wintery mix for later this afternoon. right to future cast. i'll put it in motion here. the storm system about 200 miles off shore. it's a little further east and that's why we're on the far western edge of it. this will be a bigger event for us. here we are at 4:00. the bands of rain and/or some of this wintery mix are getting as close as washington and when i put it in motion we could be seeing a bit of that wintery mix. northeast maryland, there's a winter weather advisory. none of that here. could be enough to coat the ground in some spots. so be ready for it. either way it's going to be cold. 42 daytime high. that's it. we're going to warm it up for the end of the
7:49 am
weekend. >> it will right itself by next week. >> julie is here to tell us what's happening on the roads. >> all right. very much a busy commute. busier than expected at this hour. we have slow traffic coming southbound leaving eastern headed out towards pennsylvania avenue down to 17 miles an hour. the trip on the inner loop as you continue to work your way across an 8 minute drive there. no issues reported on the top stretch of the beltway. that's where we have problems with the lights. the trip southbound along 270 again coming in from buckies town an hour commute and again that's with all lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> the women's vote had a big impact on this year's presidential election. coming up next, why so many turned out to reelect president obama. this year, america's privately-owned freight
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from healthcare to reproductive rights to governor romney's binders full of women's statement the female voter has been front and center. so just how big of a roll did that block play in the end? joining us to talk more about it is anita mcbride. and she was also chief of staff for first lady laura bush and under president regan and george hw bush. thanks for coming in today. >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about what happened at the end. the exit polls show women came out in favor of president obama in the end. it wasn't always like that through this election cycle. what happened do you think at the end to get the women out and to vote for president obama? >> first we have to congratulate president obama's team. the ground game for the election was
7:54 am
fantastic. and obviously hit every target and every demographic that they needed to. they were able to work hard. part is the power of the incumbentcy. you look at the 18 month period for governor romney that really delayed the process in targeting specific voters. it just took a lot of time and i think that certainly puts you in a weaker position to hone your message. there was a lot of time lost this summer frankly for governor romney. and he started to hit his stride come september. and it was late. >> we just had an interview with republican strategists who was saying basically at the end of the day, things women care about are the same thing men care about. we're talking about
7:55 am
the economy and jobs. and you did see governor romney's ad about abortion and birth control but i really care about the economy. how did that play? it didn't succeed at the end but did it have voters thinking a bit about what is important to women and to all of us? >> well, it is not an monolistic vote. we care about a lot of things. and governor romney did govern as a moderate governor in massachusetts and as a pro choice governor. and how the debate or the war on women as it was coined during this election really allowed him to be defined i think quite differently. social issues so rose to the top. when we all can agree that one of the things we are worried about most is our economy and our fiscal health and jobs and jobs for the future not only for
7:56 am
us and families but it really became very difficult to breakthrough that. the social issues are what was grabbed ahold of by also effectively by the obama campaign. and they were good at it. >> so no real miss steps just what the candidate represented? >> i think there was mis steps. people are going to analyze what went wrong. how late the republican teem was. using all these vast resources. look at the amount of money that was raised for both campaigns and maybe waited too long to define who mitt romney really was. because he did rule or govern as a successful governor with a lot of strong women throughout his government. and this is where the power of the spouse comes in where it was mrs. romney who really was the one i think who
7:57 am
confided to a candidate to say you know what, you are being defined as something i know you are not. and things started to pivot in september. >> a lot more issues to talk about. you are staying with us. i'm interested in hearing how these senate races affected mitt romney's chances the rape and abortion comments. you'll be here later and we'll talk with you. anita mcbride. tony. >> thank you both very much. coming up at 8:00 . our coverage of all the races continues. we're also going to take a closer look at how the minority vote played a roll in the presidential election. we'll be right back. right back.
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> we have picked ourselves up. we having fouth our way -- fought our way back and know in our hearts for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> it's a second chance for the
8:01 am
nation's first african american president. straight ahead at 8:00, president obama survives a gruelling re-election campaign with big promises for the next four years. >> plus, taking a chance on gambling. the controversial question 7 passes by less than 100,000 votes. we will have reaction to all the big ballot questions including same sex marriage and the dream act coming up in a live tort. >> good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. outside the white house early this morning. the first family will call home for the next four years, it was hard to tell. we are going to have much more on last night easy lex including the reaction to the results. >> but first, tucker barnes is here tracking the chance for some snowflakes possibly. good morning to you. >> likely for parts of the area. our first snowflakes of the season. this is not going
8:02 am
to be a major event but it is early november and we're not usually talking winter weather this early. there could be a coating on the ground. there's satellite radar. much of the energy and most of the action off to north and east. the heavier rain bands developing to the south of new york city. right in the part of the country that really doesn't need it. we're sort of on the western edge of this one. i can guarantee lots of clouds today and cold temperatures. you are looking at them right now. upper 30s to about 40. that's going to be about it later this afternoon. and the potential that some of that western bands of the storm could impact us with first a little bit of rain and later this afternoon, a little bit of snow across the area. the timing on that will be mid to late afternoon. temperature right now, 39 degrees. dulles, 37. 39 at bwi marshal. high temperature at midnight was 42 degrees. and i don't think we'll see that again
8:03 am
today. if we don't that would make it our coolest maximum temperature in history for the day. not your imagination if you think it's cold. >> a record i don't care to break. >> a random record but a record nevertheless. >> now we want to check in with julie wright for a check of your on time traffic. >> all right. traveling the top stretch of the outer loop coming around the curve all the way over to 270 accident activity tying up the second lane to the right. again, second lane from the right is what's blocked at this time with units responding. southbound 270 you are good to go slowly out of rockville headed out towards the split. lanes are open southbound coming in from eastern all the way out towards pennsylvania avenue. 15 minute ride there. no accidents, just volume. northbound i 95.
8:04 am
still well below speed headed out with a back up leaving. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> president obama makes it official after a hard fought campaign that. expected it to be a close race. the president ended up winning by more than 2 million votes. it was a long tense night for both men and their families i'm sure with the call coming around 11:15 last night. wasn't until early this morning until 1:00 that president obama took to the stage. the chief executive addressed excited and supportive crowd telling them there is a brighter futura head for america over the next 4 years. >> you've made me a better
8:05 am
president. and with your struggles, i returned to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever. >> the president also thanked the first lady, his daughters, of course. vice president, joe biden and campaign staff for hard work throughout the election. >> in boston it was a slightly different crowd as a defeated mitt romney addressed a somber and quieter crowd. the nominee telling the group he ran for president because he believed in the promise for the country. he had hopes the president and other politicians will work together to restore america. >> the nation as you know is at a critical point. at a time like this we can't risk political posturing. we have to rise to the occasion.
8:06 am
>> romney thanked his family and running mate paul ryan for their support. ryan will return to the house of representatives as the chairman for the budget committee. as for romney's future plans, he offered no hint. >> here is a look at the state by state breakdown. president obama crossed the 300 threshold. still could grow or shrink because florida's votes haven't been counted. that race is still too close to call. president obama protected the midwest winning in pennsylvania, virginia, ohio, wisconsin and new hampshire. joining us now is phillip, former director and current political consultant. good to see you again. along with democratic strategist at the center for national policy. good morning to you. good to see you.
8:07 am
let's just address the best today. >> i had this one and the black one laid out. >> okay. i see you are not wearing a black vest. >> i have the republican uniform on. >> let's talk about how this ended. i didn't really hear a lot saying this would be the results on this day. let me ask you, i heard they might split the electoral and the popular vote. the gap wasn't what it used to be. in the end, what happened for the president and why? >> i think what you see and i've been in politics for 20 years and nobody really knows until the american people go and cast their ballot. there are models that are created to what we think happened. the electorate is changing. america is changing and both parties are changing. good or bad no matter which side you are on. and
8:08 am
still lost because of the minority turn out. turn out amongst young voters. both parties starting to address this new electorate. >> you know about that last minute push. that wasn't enough for governor romney or were minds made up and the polls swayed? >> first, i'd say chuck and i agree on one thing which is no more presidential candidates for massachusetts. they haven't worked out so well for us. look, give all the credit to the president and his team. what chuck said is exactly right. they spent five years putting together a get out the vote program that increased the numbers of minorities and base vote they had. i didn't think they could be done. they proved it could be done. it was pretty amazing. we went through this in 2004. we spent years and years perfecting our get out the
8:09 am
vote program. we feel like that's what beat john kerry in 2004. romney's team had 8 months. the obama team had five years and they did a great job. >> a lot of talk about the ground game. the president's team the ground game being a good one. how does that play into all of this? and i do want to talk about massachusetts. it is a funny state. sort of a progressive state but you have a republican. a moderate governor and didn't translate on the national stage. the ground game did the obama team out do the romney team? >> the polls were within the margin of error. and i think romney had come up close to the line. what i'd say is the obama campaign put out a program that netted them 3 to 4 points. i've never seen that. we usually say they get 1 to 3 points.
8:10 am
they exceeded all expectations. >> just quickly, was governor romney strong enough as far as the views versus that record say in massachusetts? did that message get muddled for voters? >> my theory is this: the obama campaign went into the summer defining who romney was. hold their money and spend it late. ultimately that set a foundation he was never able to overcome. we have about a minute or so. let me give you the last word here. what happens now? >> people are glad the election is over. what happens now we have to go to work. this fiscal cliff and holding a lot of these politicians who lost their election speak to the fire. it's time for the american people let their voice be heard of now it's time to say what are you going to do to put us back to work and protect our country. >> can we see compromise?
8:11 am
>> i think you will because of the numbers of victories. because of the senate seats we picked up and won by the presidential race that now we have more of a push to say the american people have spoken. they want us to go down this path and we need to do something. >> i don't see it. nothing changed. republican s are still at the house. they want change and we have the same thing. >> how many more years? >> thank you so much. thank you for hanging around this morning and we'll see you again. tony, over to you. >> thank you all. the old dominion sends tim kaine to washington. plus, gay marriage, gambling and the end of an era. when we come back, changes voters approved in maryland. it's 8:11. we'll be right back.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
maryland democrats picked up yesterday. the 20 year house veteran became vulnerable because of redistricting. no other changes. >> on the senate side no changes to maryland's delegation. ben carden easily won sending off two challengers. >> but the big story might be the passage of a number of key ballot questions. some of them turned into a contentious battle. includes the one to expand gambling in the state. >> holly morris is live with more. >> reporter: $86 million spent alone on the gambling issue. it was fiercely contested from both sides. both tried to sway voters. the percentage was close but 52% of maryland voted for the gaming exchanges. 48%
8:16 am
voted against. results that set off fire works here at national harbor. they were celebrating. this is the proposed location for that new casino. question 7 will allow for a casino to be built in prince georges county. also allow for gaming tables aat all casinos. some argue it was even bigger for prince georges county which is why officials past and present campaigned hard for it. >> without the cooperative work of everybody you see up here today more importantly without your work, the district promise might not be achieved. a little project i needed him to work on. it was really doing well. he brought us home. >> 52/48. that was the same
8:17 am
percentage that question 6 passed with. legalizing gay marriage. only 6 counties in the state of maryland actually passed question 6. it was the counties that were the most populated. therefore they had the numbers. >> maryland really spoke out to the country tonight. it's not just the legislature. it's the people. they are saying we support you and we believe that you are like everybody else. you deserve the rights like everybody else. we thank everybody for the support and the governor. >> the people of our state understand that our diversity is our strength. that we're all in this together and that every child's home should be protected equally under the law. and that's what they said tonight even in an important national election. >> reporter: then there was question 4 which was known as the dream act. it allows for certain illegal immigrants to be able to pay in state tuition. it also passed. 58% of marylanders voted for it.
8:18 am
42% against. >> thank you. >> all right. now what's going on with our weather. there are changes. tucker can tell us about that. >> a coastal storm moving in or to our north and east this morning. and that's going to bring us a combination of cold temperatures, lots of cloud and rain/snow mix around here later this afternoon. i don't think we're going to get a whole lot of accumulation but part of the area could get a light coating on the grassy surfaces. just be ready for it and any time we're talking about the first season. 41 in annapolis. 37 in dulles. here's what it feels like. 32 degrees in washington. really want to emphasize , it's going to be a cold day. high temperatures you are looking at them. upper 30s to 40s. going to feel more like january. and with a brisk wind, it's going to feel colder than that.
8:19 am
here's your storm system. most of the action to the north and east. worst of the affects right where we don't want it. and we'll be on some of the western edge of it. imagine a line along the 95 corridor. that's where we have the best chance for a little rain snow mix around here. the timing would be mid to late afternoon into the evening hours and all get out of here later tonight. this won't be a long-term event. we won't be shoveling anything but might be enough to make for interesting conversation later this afternoon. there's your 7 day. 42 today. breezy conditions behind our storm tomorrow. 50 and into the 60s by early next week. going to feel nice around here by monday and tuesday. back to you at the desk. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> time right now is 8:19. it's a wednesday morning. coming up next, control of congress. we will look at the balance of power after last night easy lex
8:20 am
and what it could mean for the next term. . >> we will go live to richmond for reaction from the former governor. >> and as we take you to the break, saying thanks through social media. this is the picture the president sent out last night with a message four more years. it was the most retweeted message ever. we'll be right back. right
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
welcome back. 8:23. last night easy lexapro vieded moving and shaking. in the end we have a divided government. democrats retained control of the senate with 51 seats. republicans 47 and 2 independents. republicans will keep control. >> virginia was one of the most closely watched battleground states with democrats doing well in the northern part of the commonwealth. and tim kaine won with 52% of the vote beating george allen who got 48%. let's get the latest from john live in richmond this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm outside the marriott . this was
8:24 am
democratic headquarters for tim kaine last fight. thrilling night for democrats. for a long time the votes were coming in from the central and south side. it was only late when the northern virginia votes were counted giving kaine and president obama. in my opinion, had a very gracious concession speech. >> and tonight after a very hard fought contest, we are reminded how closely divided we are here in virginia politically. and i'm glad though i got off the sidelines. >> off the sidelines, of course. george allen the son of the late coach of the washington redskins. and george allen himself a football player in college. allen is the loser. kaine is the winner . and when tim kaine did come out and speak to the crowd here, he made a reference to the money that washed over this race.
8:25 am
according for the center of response of politics. $82 million was spent in this senate race in virginia. we're not a huge state like california or florida or new york. $82 million. and $52 million of that money was spent by outside groups. not the campaigns themselves. tim kaine had pointed comments about that. >> and so here's what it means, folks. here's what it means. our victory tonight proves that it's the number of people who stand with you. not the number of zeros behind a check. that decide elections in the united states of america. >> one more thing i want to tell you about what happened here in richmond last night. while tim kaine was speaking, the vote totals changed in the presidential race. as tim kaine
8:26 am
started speaking it looked like mitt romney was going to carry virginia and during his speech, the totals came up. there was never any announcement from him that obama had won. would you roll the video? i want to show you what happened. people started checking their smart phones and started -- word started spreading person-to-person. and instead of a cheer breaking out for president obama. it was sort of one on one hugging. person-to-person in the crowd. it was very different from what we've seen before in political campaigns. this is the new media. sometimes people get it not through us, not through the candidate on the stage but through their smart phones. that's what it was like here in richmond. >> interesting take. thank you so much. >> all right. still ahead in our next half hour, a new face joins the dc city council. >> battleground virginia down to the wire. why the commonwealth was one of the last
8:27 am
races to be called and what changes signify the win. >> the moment the president and vice president learn they won. it is 8:27. we'll be right back. @
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are not as divided as politics suggest. we are not as cynical as pund ants believe. we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. >> it is the first day of his secd term. >> the president second inauguration is still months away. but the first family will spend four more years in the white house. it was a long expensive race that almost everyone expected to be close. you are looking at how some
8:31 am
newspapers marked the moment. and you can see a lot of the newspapers. these are online. but a lot of the newspapers down at the museum on display this morning. something we've also seen this morning. >> interesting though, the la times said the question we've been asking the experts that come in. the president has a second term. can we all now work together? that was the line right underneath obama. >> we've been talking about that and talk about it more later too. >> all right. let's talk weather. things getting interesting here. only the first week in november and the threat of winter weather around here today. not going to be a terribly big deal. might be enough to make for conversation later. look kids what's going out the window. >> supposed to happen in the evening right? >> even if we get snow fall, it's going to be the road temperatures are running in the
8:32 am
40s. we're not expecting it to stick out there. things could be a little wet. maybe a little slushy north and east but i don't think we'll have travel delays. 39 now in washington. 41 in annapolis. it's going to feel like winter. 36 in martins burg. west of 95, this storm will not be a big deal for you at all. i don't think you'll see cloud cover and cold temperatures throughout the day. going to be our western edge here of the precipitation shield as it moves in later today. here's our storm. it's a coastal storm. it's lifting to the north and bringing heavy rain, storm surge and gusty winds to places that really don't need it along the coastline thereof new jersey up into new york. we're on the western edge of it. you can see not a lot going on at this hour. will be just kind of cloudy. later this afternoon the computer model suggesting just
8:33 am
enough pin wheel action. going to get thrown back towards the western area and mixed with cold air we could see a brief period of rain over to a wintery mix later this afternoon and evening. as you get north and east, that's the best chance you have for accumulation up towards baltimore, northeast maryland. could see up to an inch. if you are a little closer, columbia, lorrell. you could get a little bit of a light slushy accumulation on some of the grassy areas. it is a big deal. it's still early november . i don't think we'll have anything to shovel around here later this afternoon and tonight. here's future cast. just right on the western edge of it there in the washington area. and later tonight, could be snowflakes inside the beltway. and the whole thing picks up and takes off. cold day tomorrow with the winds out of the north. all right. there's your accu weather 7 day forecast.
8:34 am
only 42 today and much of the day in the 30s. if you are outside, bundle up. be ready for wintertime. rain/snow here this afternoon and tonight. we will warm it up by early next week. get ready for warmer temperatures. that's the latest look at weather. back to you. >> thanks. voters in the district kept the status quo. >> in the race for council chairman phil mendelson will continue to serve. serve as interim chair since june as brown pleaded guilty to corruption charges and resigned. >> voters reelect vincent orange to another term and david grosso unseated michael brown. >> inward 7 democrat yvette alexander keeps her seat. and ward 8, marian berry keeps
8:35 am
her term. >> some waited for hours to cast a ballot. >> the 7:00 p.m. cut off time was extended and pushed back reporting time by an hour. more from sherry lee. she is live in arlington. >> reporter: virginia certainly lived up to its status as a battleground state. the race remained too close to call well into the night and it wasn't until very late that president barack obama could claim victory in the state. the president took 13 virginia electoral votes. it was neck and neck up until the end. northern virginia which makes up a third of the state's votes and tends to be more diverse. president obama won fairfax and prince william counties and won in louden county on his way to a
8:36 am
narrow victory. the first democrat to win in a presidential race at the time. and when you breakdown the vote now, the two candidates split the vote among men. but obama took a narrow victory among women and also did best with young and myoyort voters. the only one in northern virginia to go romney's way. he won that county 57 to obama's 42% but that obviously still was not enough to get him a victory in virginia. it had been a long time. republican state a red state. but given obama's victories there in the past two elections. the state is now what they would call purple and likely be a battleground for years to come. back to you. >> can i just ask you quickly, any surprises at how close the senate race was in virginia? some polls had tim kaine up higher it seems to me than by what he won by.
8:37 am
>> well, i think what happened in those closing leaks, once you had president obama not doing as well in the debates. what we saw in a lot of the polls was tim kaine's margin began to tighten up. and a lot of that was george allen getting a boost from romney's. kaine continues to be popular in the state of virginia. but i think primarily it was a lot closer because of what happened in the closing weeks of the presidential race. i don't think anybody was quite surprised it ended up being that close. right up until the end they were saying that race had become neck and neck and too close to call. >> all right. thank you. >> still ahead during this hour, lessons learned from last night's results. why republicans have a long way to
8:38 am
go when it comes to minority support. why it was a big night for same sex marriage and marijuana. time right now is 8:37. we'll be right back. ♪
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8:41 now. it's a victory for the police chief and a defeat for the police union. >> voters approved question b in montgomery county. upholds a law that ends the union's power to bargain over certain decisions. this will give the chief more flexibility on issues to shift changes and putting cameras in officer's squad cars. it was a good night for supporters of same sex marriage. approving same sex marriage by a popular vote. broke a 32 state streak dating back to 1998. in
8:42 am
the meantime, voters in wisconsin have elected the first openly gay u.s. senator. tammy baldwin defeated tommy thompson for the open seat. >> voters in colorado and washington state made history last night bypassing pot. the law goes against federal laws that prohibit the sale and use of the drug. the fate of both laws is unclear. >> 8:42 now. 39 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> we're going to look at what roll minority voters played. 8:42. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
the big apple skyline celebrates president obama's victory. the empire state building lit up with blue lights marking four more years.
8:46 am
had romney won it would have been lit up with red lights. the skyscraper displayed the race to 270 electoral votes with a colored meter. >> that was quite a sight too. >> very interesting and creative. >> people are still cleaning up after super storm sandy. some on staten island used tents as polling locations. set up in hard hit areas of queens and staten island. >> officials in new york and new jersey let storm victims cast ballots at any polling location. one week after the storm hit, they are bracing for another one this morning. airlines are cancelling flights. nursing homes are evacuating. but tomorrow's noreaster is not expected to be as bad as sandy. election officials say fewer people voted compared to
8:47 am
four years ago. voter turn out could be lower than 2004. but the totals won't be known for weeks because so many americans voted early or by mail. >> analysts credit president obama's re-election to three demographics. women, african americans and latinos. according to writers for the hill, support from minority voters made up for a lack of support for among men. joining us live is rashad robinson. good morning to you sir. thanks for coming in . >> great to be here. >> as most of our guests, a late night. but you i assume must be pleased with how things ended up going. >> absolutely. for us and over 850,000 members. the choice really couldn't have been more clear. and folks turned out despite so many attempts to suppress the vote by the right way. >> let me ask you about this. about that. in terms of the
8:48 am
voter id change ands all that kind of thing that had gone on. you pretty strongly view that as you said as an attempt to suppress the vote? >> absolutely. >> tell me, is there evidence of that? some would say well, it didn't suppress the vote. must not have been going on. >> in some ways we had been fighting this for the past couple years. we've been hearing for months that there wasn't the same type of enthusiasm. but once the right wing started to organize and say we're going to take away your right to vote. you started to see people get motivated. really recognize what was at stake in this election. and for the republican party and conservatives, i think they have a lot of soul searching to do. the demographics are only becoming more diverse. more people will become part of the
8:49 am
electorate. young african americans are coming into this election and future elections ready to participate and ready to have voices heard. when they are met by everybody saying you can't make your voice heard. the voice becomes clear. >> even taking away that issue for academic reasons. the argument that an attempt is made to suppress the vote, even taking it out. when it comes to the content of what many view the republicans as talking about, is that problematic for them down the road as well when you are seeing a more diverse electorate? >> absolutely. the fact they haven't put forward leaders, policies that really speak to these communities. and i think the question is not are they going to go out and find a latino or african american leader and put them forward, they have to meet that with policies that are going to speak to the education challenges.
8:50 am
speak to the education challenges. this republican ticket and the down tickets all around the country did not do that this cycle. and the country is only becoming more diverse. this is a call for the democrats. they were sent to the office with large support of myoyorts across the country. they are going to have to do the work to keep that support. they are going to have to pass policies and put forward issues that speak to those communities and held accountable by my organization and others for that. >> you mentioned that a lot of the pundants were talking about the relative lack of enthusiasm for the president particularly african americans and some latinos. why do you think those were wrong on that? in the analysis we've had so far and a fairly thorough analysis of the actual vote. but the numbers we know and african americans turned out pretty much
8:51 am
the same as they did last time and the latino vote was up for the president. >> they missed a couple things. they first missed the pride that african americans have in this president and his family and seeing them every single day whether it's getting off of air force one or going into the white house. what that means for the community. i think they also forgot and maybe missed point of the republican primary. and the way immigration was talked about throughout the primary. and they also missed the way women's health was talked about. all of those things combined, made it hard for mitt romney towards the end of this election to change course. sort of moderate and become a different candidate he was during the primary. there was so much content for political ads that he just couldn't do that. and finally, it does go back to voter suppression. the fact when people have a right. they may not exercise it every election
8:52 am
but everything we can to take away your vote. we're going to make it harder for you to vote. you are sending a direct message to people. and whether it was the the churches in our community or the organizations, groups mobilize and work to push their folks to the polls. send a message to both parties that as the country becomes more diverse, they are going to have to step up and not just meet these groups with turn out messages but also policies that reach these communities. >> to be fair to the other side, there are relatively few people that i can think of if anybody that came out and said we want to suppress votes and we don't want black people to vote or anything like that. what you are saying at the very least, the impression that these different redistricting , the increase requirements, the overall impression for some people is that's what was being
8:53 am
done. >> absolutely. think about this: mitt romney got 61% of the white vote. the last person to get that much was the first george bush. he ended up in his first election with over 400 electoral votes with that. this time mitt romney couldn't even win with that. the country is becoming more diverse. whether it was the indirect messages to audiences saying we don't want your vote or in the coded messages in that you are not welcomed. we've got this. we are trying to take back our country from this president. we believe we want to turn things back to the way they used to be. that sends a direct message. the message is throughout the last four years, challenging the president's citizenship. challenging the sense of being an american. all of those things added up to folks really having enough and saying we will no longer take it. for the next four years, the republican party
8:54 am
has a choice. do they want to be a part of obstructionism and continuing to push back or open up and find new ways to reach audiences that are going to become more and more in political power. >> that is very interesting and not something i've heard anyone else vocalize about this so far in terms of how things have built up. very good to have you here to talk about all this. executive director with color of change. see you again. >> absolutely. >> thank you. time for our facebook fan of the day. let's take a break from the politics. today we say hello to shannon martin. let's look at this picture. she tunes in every morning before she hits the gym calling fox 5 the best station to rely on. >> i've never done it. i can't imagine. >> i can't even do a pushup. >> she's on three balls. >> for your chance to be the fan of the dashgs log on to
8:55 am
facebook page and leave a comment under shannon's picture. >> we'll look back at the president's promises from last night's speech. >> looking ahead to the inauguration. last night's victory is the biggest headline. 8:55. we'll be right back. 
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the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich is only at dunkin' donuts for a limited time. grab one today. this is fox 5 morning news. >> i've never been more hopeful about our future. i have never been more hopeful about america. and i ask you to sustain that hope. >> you listened, you voted, you decided. another four years for the nation's first african american president. a look at the obama's celebration. plus, why this race wasn't as close as
8:59 am
some expected. >> maryland chose to move forward on a very controversial issue and i'm so proud of the people i serve. >> victories at the ballot box as voters in maryland step forward in favor of same sex marriage. holly is live with the controversial measures including the dream act and expanding gambling. >> and will colorado and washington state find themselves in the weeds after legalizing recreational marijuana? the fight they could soon face on capitol hill ahead. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. we're happy you are with us on this day after the election. >> we got through it somehow and here we are. we will continue to analyze the results. and turn our attention to tucker barnes and the weather. there's something there to talk about. >> i vote no for snow. >> all right. i'll put your vote in. i'm afr

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